Thoughts on induction – reflecting and preparing 1

Last week I travelled to Brighton for a meeting with Andy (@andy_costello), Lars (@larshyland), Andrew (@mrdownes) and Elly (@ellaguru78) at Epic. The purpose of my meeting was to talk about what I wanted to achieve in the next 6-9 months. Aside from all the other stuff I need to do, […]

Must be doing something right…..

We launched the VLE just over four months ago – and it’s so nice to be capturing all the activity and have confidence that everything is actually progressing. Aside from that, we’re getting good feedback from the organisation. The real big bonus for me is that we’ve been able to […]

Taking delivery is just the first step

So…..Epic delivered our VLE to us (essentially our solution is vanilla – with a hint of something else). The something else in this was a customised template and user account request form. The template was designed to replicate our branding (our internal Comms team spent a lot of time working […]