Hopes for #LT15uk 1

Many years ago, when Learning Technologies first started out, and was much smaller than it is now, I used to attend quite frequently, but for financial reasons it’s not been possible recently. Now the conference is always a good mix of speakers, many of who I’ve seen before, but I […]

Delivering in a multi-device world… 1

Just a quick post – but needing to air the thoughts on “multi-device” delivery. In the past 24 months, it’s become the main selling point of any of the rapid development tools, but there seem to have been a number of methodologies which have emerged. Firstly it started with the […]

What you say in public, is public, don’t be surprised if…. 1

People who know me, or follow me on Twitter will know that I will usually throw my thoughts out there – and I’m always happy to be challenged on anything I say or do – as long as there is a form of validity behind the challenge (e.g. you have […]

E-learning…..what’s the point?

So….ask yourself this…..when was the last time you did a good bit of e-learning? Coming from the perspective of someone who works within the industry, and has done for the past eight years, even I’d struggle to answer this. Now I’ve seen some great examples, but they’ve always been from […]


This was meant to be some reflective notes from the conference, but it’s ended up being a mix between a commentary and a selection of notes……with an underlying thought! Firstly – it was really interesting hearing from Chris Munsch about the different ways in which technology had been used to […]

Learning & Skills Group Summer Conference

It was the first time I’d made it to a Learning Technologies/Learning & Skills Group even for a number of years now. I always used to love attending them, but as times change and budgets become tighter, attending conferences like LT unfortunately slide down the priorities scale, despite how much […]

Still life in old tools?

It seems like ages since I wrote a post (and this will be the first of two about today) – and even longer since I sat trying to write a blog post on the train….so it’s quite nice to be rekindling old habits to talk about “old things”. Today was […]

Day Deux @ #MootUK14

Not really sure how to start this blog post – following on from the previous one which was typed in the middle of the night, I now sit on the plane however many thousand feet off of the ground, heading back down south. It’s been a really good few days, […]

Day Uno @ #MootUK14

There’s probably better times than 2:20am to start writing a blog post, even more so when it’s 2:20am because you’ve been at the Conference Gala Dinner – then decided to go hunting a statue to take a selfie (I’ll explain this in a blog post in a day or two). […]

Gamification workshop @ MootUK14 2

So before we’d even got started, it was clear from Twitter that this one was going to cause some waves. There’s not many edtech terms which create such an “interesting” response, but “gamification” is definitely a marmite one (although that’s probably unfair on marmite, as I expect more people hate […]