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I’ll update this in the next few weeks as I get the blog launched, but as a basic starter….

I’m Nick Lee and I’ve worked within the field of learning technologies for the past eight years. I am a firm believer of the use of technology within learning to enhance the process, and support learners.

I practice within the field, and always look to utilise technology within learning whenever possible. New technologies provide new opportunities to enhance learning, and no matter how good an existing course is, there are always opportunities to enhance this experience for the learner by effectively using technologies.

Oh – and this doesn’t have to be expensive……

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  • Daniel

    Hi Nick,

    I am was interested to know how the use of Moodle has worked out for your organisation? I am currently in a similar position where after some small scale tests implementing NLMS, my organisation is beginning to question whether NLMS is right for the organisation. We have a number of issues which mean we are looking for an alternative, such as user interface, technical issues and the fact that we report training outside of OLM ( we use OLM as a record keeping system rather than a LMS). I would be very keen to here your experience using Moodle?