The first week of many….

The VLE has been up for a week. So, where are we?

The positives:
The VLE is up, it’s well populated with information – and we’re getting positive feedback from staff about how easy it is to navigate and how nice it is to be able to find information consistently on each page. We’ve also had 303 staff access e-learning courses, and 211 completions. Having never had LMS functionality before, I can’t tell how well this compares to previous weeks, but it’s a positive to see so many people completing, but also it’s comforting to know that all of these completions are captured, and not reliant on the processing of paper certificates!!

The negatives:
There have been some glitches with the e-learning content, we’ve learnt some nice “features” of Captivate when you output to SCORM compliant format which weren’t that way when you exported as HTML. We’ve also seen less bookings for our face-to-face courses since we changed our processes. The hardest part about this is that we’re not getting calls from people to highlight issues, we’re just seeing less bookings. So, we don’t know if we have a problem, or if people are just not booking courses for other reasons. This then gives a dilemma – do you ignore it and assume there’s no problem (as no one is raising any issues) and put the decrease down to the time of year and service demands – or do we promote the fact that we think we have a problem (which we actually might not).

In the end –  we spoke to a few colleagues who weren’t aware of any issues, and we decided to sit on it for a bit longer and see what happens…..