First day down

Today was launch day!

So – we launched during a holiday and although we had heavily promoted the fact today would be go-live day, we never made too much noise about it actually on the day, as we wanted to be able to control everything – and didn’t want the process to be complicated by a number of people who wouldn’t have been trying to access normally.

Anyway – the launch went well – yes there were a few issues, but we managed to deal with them appropriately – and all questions have been answered.

Ironically (given that it’s the one part solely controlled by my own team) – the main issue we had was with some of our e-learning courses – just a few minor glitches where pages didn’t point where they should – or staff failing an assessment – then being given a certificate of completion (which is a great feature of Captivate!). Even so – staff were really helpful in letting us know – and we were able to correct these quickly so there was minimal impact.

Aside from that, 43 people actually logged into the VLE! It’s hard to say if that’s a good or bad number – but we’re taking it as a positive. Considering that people only need to log in to undertake an e-learning course – it must be good that people are able to get in and look around!

Now we just need to get the rest of the courses on, the remaining e-learning on, and get the rest of the organisation using it!

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