Final preparations

So – it’s nearly go live time – and where are we? Well, the VLE has taken shape nicely, with the help of a few colleagues within the Admin team, we now have nearly all of our Training and development course pages onto the VLE. We also have the first few of our e-learning packages all exported to SCORM 1.2 – and uploaded – and all registering. We’ve got some more courses (face-to-face division specific courses) to get copied over, and there’s still a number of e-learning courses which need finishing/publishing – but all-in-all – we have the base copied over.

Aside from that, we have the “other” content. Now the VLE is acting as a website for the whole of Training and development, so there’s a lot of “stuff” in there. The current website we have has so much content – a lot of which is debatable whether or not it should actually sit within an Education website – but we can review it all as it get’s moved over (we’ll be moving core text content over the next few weeks as it can remain on the current site for a while).

Moodle isn’t a CMS, it’s an VLE – and this has caused some issues – as there’s a lot of text content which we have to support education. A lot of this is genuine education content (such as information about our Vocational Skills Centre) – but it’s not directly linked to a course. To do this, we’re having to create a number of ‘Pages’ on the top level of the Moodle (within the Menu navigation) – which normally would lead to a lot of pages showing on the top level menu, but as we have used a HTML block to create our menu (as described in a previous post) – I do have the luxary of being able to hide the main menu component – and with it hide the long list of pages which have been created. It really would be good if Moodle allowed you to make a sub-page to allow for developing a structure – but I guess that’s why Moodle is an VLE and not a CMS.

So……we’re not going to have everything copied over for the first day – but we were never going to get to that position (it would have been impossible to run two sites with the same content alongside each other for a period of time). The main part is that we can launch the system tomorrow – with the view that the rest of our e-learning courses will be added in the next week, and the remaining courses can be added in the next day or two.