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At UHS we do use the OLM functionality to record our educational activities. As an organisation we have heavily invested time in getting the system up and running and to work for us. The way we work is not the smoothest, but it works and allows us to report on our compliance (even if it does involve an intensive manual process).

The way we work is as follows:

  • All course activities are recorded on OLM, and successful completion of the course awards a “competency”. In most cases, these competencies have a defined timescale (which mirrors the duration of the stat & mand training validity)
  • We report the whole organisation’s competency compliance against our organisational training matrix (29 individual stat & mand subjects)
  • Our Education Leads determine the number of staff within each area who should be compliant in the particular subject, and this is recorded into a spreadsheet.
  • Our Education Analyst compiles the totals of staff in each area who possess the competency, which is compared to the number who should have the competency, and a percentage of compliance is determined. This activity is repeated for every area, and every subject

Aside from the fact that this process is incredibly labour intensive (the amount of time taken by our education analyst to combine all the individual reports each month is huge), there are several other issues:

  • As e-learning completions are manually entered by administration staff, there are often differences from the completion numbers recorded, and the actual staff who have completed the training
  • Reports are out of date before they are even published (as additional people have completed training during the time it takes for the report to be compiled and validated)
  • As we match a number of staff in an area who should possess a competency against the number of staff in the area that actually have the competency, at no point are we able to check if the people that do possess the competency are those who should possess the competency – so reported values may actually differ from real requirements
  • With the change in plan for where e-learning to be located (moving it to the VLE) – we will now have two different data sources, which will make the combining process (a manual task) even more difficult

We therefore needed a solution to allow us to report on compliance. At this stage we were made aware of a reporting tool called WIRED which has been developed by Skills for Health. The tool itself is a MySQL based tool which allows for the development of a custom TNA (based on employer, division, care group, role or even position) which can then be combined with multiple data sources to provide a simplistic overview of compliance.

Before arranging a demo of the system, I was not convinced this could provide a solution that we required, but following the system demo it was clear to see that this did meet the needs we had. It was therefore agreed to progress with a purchase of the tool to allow for our reporting across multiple data sources on a more frequent basis.

No doubt there’ll be more to add on this as we move ahead with the deployment.

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