Getting Started

So…..I’ve often thought about trying to blog – but never really found the time. However the past few months have been so busy with the developments at work – and I’ve learned so much in the past year or so – it’s worth putting it all down, just so:

  • I can come back to it later and remember everything
  • someone else may find it useful.

So….who am I?

I’m the Learning Support Lead at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust. Any comments I post are simply my own thoughts and in no way represent the thoughts of my employer, or anyone else connected with my employer.

Now that I’ve got that out the way – more about me. I graduated from the University of Southampton in 2004 with a degree in Information Technology in Organisations. From there I set up my own webdesign company with a friend, and built a number of websites for friends and local businesses until I was approached by a recruitment agency to fill a Temp post at Hampshire County Council. The post involved developing e-learning materials for the staff at HCC, and my interest in learning technologies has grown from there.

Nick Lee - Hants 2

Working for HCC, I developed e-learning courses for HCC’s workforce of 37,500 people – which in turn brought me my e-learning awards win – when I won the ‘E-learning Industry Award for Outstanding Achievement – Individual’ in 2008.
Shortly after this I moved on to work at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust (UHS) – initially working as the IT Training Manager, then moving on to Learning Support Lead. As part of my role I oversee the delivery of technical solutions which will aid learning delivery as well as the processes which are involved around learning (such as reporting/compliance tools).

The past 12-18 months has led me to meet some very interesting (and helpful) people – who have given me that bit of extra drive to try and achieve the goals I set. This blog will detail some of the issues I faced, solutions I’ve found and any other random learning thoughts which I manage to think of!