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As the previous posts had suggested, it had always been our plan to utilise the NLMS (National Learning Management System) functionality. For anyone who doesn’t work in the NHS, the NLMS is the nationally provided learning management system which is linked to the NHS staff record. The concept is superb – and even to this date, as a concept, I think it’s a great idea – unfortunately in practice it didn’t work out for us.

As we moved ahead with the delivery of our VLE, we were made aware of new functionality coming into the NLMS which would allow for staff to easily identify the stat & mand training which they needed to refresh. Again, as a concept it was perfect, however on further exploration, there was an underlying issue which would cause us problems (the set up didn’t allow for us to set a local classroom course as an alternative to a national e-learning course). I won’t go into the specific details of the issue here, as it would only be applicable to any NHS staff, but I’m always happy to explain our issues, and why we felt that we would have to move in an alternative direction.
The one point I will always make though, is that we will always continue to review our options, and if in the future, there are changes which mean the system (NLMS) would work for us, then I would always revisit this decision to move our e-learning back into the VLE.

This decision does provide us with a number of new issues to be resolved:

  • E-learning completions will now not earn a “competency” within OLM – and as a Trust – this is our primary method of reporting compliance, so we need to work out a new reporting methodology
  • There will be an increased demand on production of e-learning courses within the team to meet the demand which could have been met by nationally available packages
  • As we had enabled Guest access to courses in the VLE to allow guests to review text information, this would now give them access to the SCORM elements which were being uploaded (which a number of our SMEs, and more importantly, System Suppliers are not comfortable with) – so we need a new way of securing this access

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