Stopping….then starting again….. #OutstandingMOOC 3

In my last post I talked about my approach for #OutstandingMOOC. It was the first time I’d been able to find I could enjoy a MOOC by just dipping in and out, generally at lunchtime, occasionally in the evening, and contributing a little bit. This approach continued into week 2 of the MOOC, until I hit an issue I hadn’t foreseen….I finished….:

I found I was the first one to make it through the last level. This was a bit strange for me – having started a day late, with each activity I unlocked, and each new piece of media I viewed, someone else had been there before me, there was a comment to add to or something new to add. However on this last level, I found there were no comments to reply to, no-one else’s views to view, nothing more than the content to provoke me, and now I’d shared my views, but noone else was there to comment about them. It suddenly felt very quiet (much the same as it probably does if you join a MOOC after it’s “finished”) – but I just didn’t get that pull to go back. As a result, I decided I was finished. The twitter chat provided an opportunity to engage with some of the people about the concepts, but the involvement was done – and having said I’d decide when I was ready to stop – I was now at that point. With that in mind, I posted my comment at the end of the MOOC to indicate that I didn’t want to build my own MOOC, I was happy in what I’d seen, and content to walk away………until today….. Today I attended my Induction (or the first day of it) for the new job. Now, I’ve blogged in the past about ‘Onboarding‘ and ‘Induction‘ in the past, so I think it’s fair to say that my views about the process are quite clear, but just in case, I’ll make sure it’s clear…..I think the induction/onboarding process is one of the most important one any business can do – but I rarely feel like it’s done right. I don’t want to say too much more about this, as it will form another blog post in the next few days, but it did give me the drive to get back into #OutstandingMOOC and create a “MOOC” (or at least utilise the MOOC concept) into an Induction programme. So…with that in mind, my “Engaging newbies” course has been born and will develop itself in the next few weeks…..

3 thoughts on “Stopping….then starting again….. #OutstandingMOOC

  • Craig Taylor

    Hi Nick,

    Thanks again for another insight from a participants perspective.

    It seems like #OutstandingMOOC came along at just the right time.

    Looking forward to seeing your plan unfold over the next few weeks.

    • Nick Lee Post author

      I seem to recall a particular speaker I heard in the past talking about the “perfect storm” – when the elements just happened to come together at the right time. I feel like this has been the case for me here – I wasn’t going to bother with the creation (I’ve already taken more than I thought I would from the MOOC) – but the “perfect storm” combining the MOOC, with the conversations, with the new job and with the Induction attendance – just seems to point at trying something!

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