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It’s been nine years since I started working in e-learning roles, starting initially with development, the moving more on to the strategy and development. When I started at UHS seven years ago, I came into an organisation which was starting to notice the potential of e-learning, but hadn’t really taken any real strides into it. The organisation had a suite of brought in (and completely horrible) e-learning packages – accessed via a few links on a web page. Nothing was tracked, nothing was user-friendly.

Over the next few years, we started to grow our e-learning content. A reorganisation of the team gave us more development resource, and we changed from using brought in content, to locally developed content. All of this continued to develop the organisation’s usage of e-learning, but we were still running with HTML modules accessed via a website. For every module which was completed, a certificate had to be printed and an administrator had to manually record the completion.

Then three years ago, we took the plunge. At that time, I didn’t really know what we needed or wanted, we just set out to find a “Virtual Learning Environment”. What started as a presentation in a large to eight carefully selected suppliers, then grew into a proposal from LEO Learning, delivered by Craig Taylor, to deliver a Moodle, initially as a “portal” for accessing content, but soon becoming a LMS to host all our content.

Over the past three years the site has grown, more and more courses have been added. Once we got people using the site for e-learning, we moved to adding face-to-face course bookings, then issuing certificates as well as hosting resources to support development. The site has changed, from the initial theme we deployed with. through to a responsive theme, then the completely simplified theme.

I’ve gone from knowing nothing about Moodle, to having a “reasonable” understanding of it – which aside from developing the theme, I’ve been lucky enough (after having my arm bent by Mark Aberdour) to be present at the Moodle UK Conference. I’m leaving behind a great team, an organisation which now has a well embedded e-learning methodology, and underpinning it all – a great Virtual Learning Environment – which will continue to grow, and continue to develop new features.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way….I don’t think I can mention everyone….but I’ll cover as many as I can…..

  • Jo, Monica, Sarah, Rita and Adie – My team of edtech heroes!
  • Boss – for keeping quiet and just agreeing with me
  • Craig (from your salesman days, and since then), Andy, Mark and anyone else at LEO – for all your work in turning my ideas into reality
  • Alistair, Alison, Jaz, RowenaSimon and all the other NHS e-learning people who I have crossed paths with along the way – only you know the pain that we are sometimes forced to suffer – but your comments and feedback have always assured me I was heading in the right direction
  • All the Moodle people (users, developers and helpers) – I genuinely cannot say how much I’ll miss working on this VLE everyday (if anyone has some nice projects, please get in touch)
  • All the Twitter-geeks who keep me entertained (and very well informed) on a day-t0-day basis

If I’ve not mentioned you – please don’t be offended – it’s just that I want to go to bed and can’t type any more names!

So tomorrow I leave – and next week I start as an “Learning Technology Consultant” – responsible for the UK arm of an Insurance company…..I’m looking forward to the challenge – and thank all of the people I’ve already mentioned in advance, as I know you’ll be helping me in the new role too!


Nick! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to “my baby”

  • Craig Taylor

    Hi Nick,

    So, the day has finally arrived eh?

    It’s been an absolute pleasure and honour to work with you over the last few years, in particular seeing how the team and UHS has grown as a result of your efforts and hard work.

    I’m sure that you’ll continue your success in your new role and I hope you’ll be be blogging your journey along the way.

    Oh, and welcome to Financial Services….. 😉

    • Nick Lee Post author

      Mr T,

      It’s been a pleasure – and I look forward to many continued discussions about edtech over the next however many years! Cheers for all your support – and witty exchanges! 🙂


      PS – I’m not sure you’re legally allowed to welcome me to an industry which you no longer work in? 😉

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