What you say in public, is public, don’t be surprised if…. 1

People who know me, or follow me on Twitter will know that I will usually throw my thoughts out there – and I’m always happy to be challenged on anything I say or do – as long as there is a form of validity behind the challenge (e.g. you have a real point to prove and aren’t just picking for no reason). So the other day I stumbled across a story on the BBC news website, which was written by a BBC journalist, about a BBC service – where they refused to comment to their own organisation:

What I didn’t expect was for the journalist of that story to then tweet back to me about it:

Obviously – I wasn’t being rude about the report, or the journalist – I was merely commenting about how ridiculous it was that the BBC would refuse to give a comment within a story on their own news channel – but I will say – fair play to Mark Savage (I’ve never heard of him before this!) – for taking the time to comment on my tweet! But this just serves as that timely reminder, that if you put it out in public, you need to be prepared to have it commented on. Fortunately – I’m always happy to receive the comments!

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