Social media for education management

Within the UHS Training and development management team we have a wealth of knowledge on all different subjects. There are experts in clinical skills, personal development, management and leadership skills, and everything in between. For this reason, it’s quite rare to find something which so many of them know so little about. However in this instance, the subject was Social Media, and I was tasked to help the team develop.

We often pride ourselves on being unique in our approach to education, however when Jo Mountfield (@MountfieldJo) decided that the whole management team should have “Develop social media skills” as a personal development objective, it was clear that there was a lot to do.

This work started initially with a number of workshops as part of the Learning electronically series (which can be seen on the UHS VLE) which focused on some information I personally delivered, combined with a few sessions delivered by Craig Taylor (@CraigTaylor74). These sessions then led to one final longer session which we held as part of our management team half-day.

For this session, we focused on four areas:

  • Twitter
  • Blogging
  • LinkedIn
  • Curation


We focused on the way twitter works, how to correctly use # and @ to link and display content. Looking at the correct placement of these elements helped the team to understand how they could use twitter to promote what their doing, and how it could allow the people they are teaching to interact with each other:


After covering micro-blogging (in the form of twitter), we moved on to talking about how we, as a team, could use blogs to provide information to our staff. We want to use blogs to show what we’re working on, but also to allow staff who attend our courses to talk about them and explain how they found the course. During this discussion, Jo Mountfield announced that she had already written a blog post, and then used twitter to promote it:

If you’ve not already done so, please have a look at the blog posts which have been written by staff within Training and development. They can be found under the ‘Education Blogs’ heading in the left column of the UHS VLE.

 Linked In

Next on our agenda was LinkedIn. Caroline (@CarolineNesbit2) had asked for this as she wanted to understand more about LinkedIn and how she could better use it. We explored the general content and layout, moving on to look at groups and endorsements. Whilst only covering this briefly, the group were able to see how it could be used to connect with other professionals in the same field of work to enable knowledge sharing, support and professional development


Curation, for anyone who doesn’t know, is the concept of bringing content on a specific topic from other areas of the internet into one single place. The reason for doing this is that it allows people (in our context this could be our staff) to find the information about a subject in a specific place. It allows us to build a feed of useful materials into a single place, thus making it easier for our staff to find the information they need.

Julie (@JuliePMartin) then demonstrated to the group the PInterest page which she has set up to allow her to curate information into a single place for the professional groups in UHS. You can see Julie’s PInterest page here.


…all of this was really interesting, but the thing for me which surprised me most was when I was writing this blog post. Whilst doing this, I looked back at the hashtag I had used during the session (for the tweets I was sending during the day, we used the hashtag #UHSSoME – for UHS Social Media) and as I did this, I found two more tweets:


Firstly, I can only apologise to Gregor and Tristan for not seeing these sooner, but what it does prove is that there is a real need for some more education to the wider organisation, so I really need to start work on the e-learning course I talked about so long ago!