Auto-tweet? What’s the point?

During a session I recently ran for the Training and development management team about social media, to emphasise the use of social media, I had set up my PowerPoint slideshow to auto-tweet (so when I moved to a specific slide, it would send a tweet from my twitter account):

Aside from the fact that the auto-tweet added a strange ? symbol to my tweets where it should have had punctuation, but the concept worked, and immediately I was communicating with others without needing to “do” anything in my session.

What was the point of doing this? Well it meant I could publish content relevant to my session out, which then people could view. Whether this content was links which were relevant to the course, or maybe it was just a question, but immediately I could connect with an audience inside and outside of the session. To prove this, when I reached a specific slide on my presentation, it auto-tweeted the following tweet:

Shortly after this, I received the first reply from someone in the room:

Which was then followed by a reply from a member of my team who was sitting in London approximately 70 miles away:

Then shortly after this, another reply, this time from the other side of the SGH site:

Within the next few hours, I received further responses from two more UHS staff (thank you to Emma Lavelle (@emjim) and Chris Roseveare (@CRoseveare)) as well as a reply from a Florida-based internet marketing company – and that’s not forgetting the discussion which went on in the classroom as well.

Simply by spending a few minutes setting things up before I started, I was able to interact with people in the room as well as thousands of miles away. I was able to share information or resources, as well as gather views of people in the classroom, and outside of it. Furthermore, the attendees in my session were also interacting with these other people, and are able to continually build their own learning – essentially, my formal training sparked the process, and then they socially continued it informally.

If you’re interested in auto-tweeting, there’s loads of information out there to support it. Personally I used the add-on available (for free) from Timo Elliot – and you can find it here!