Problem #2 – Multi-SCO courses in Moodle

OK – so we have a number of sequential courses which are made up of multiple modules (e.g. you must complete the three modules to pass course one, and you must have completed course one before you can complete course two….and so on….)

We tried to use the Captive Multi-SCO packager as a solution. This combined the three SCO files into a single SCO file – which could then be uploaded to Moodle. However, when we tested – if a user passed the first module (SCO) in the new package – the Moodle SCO report was indicating that they had passed the course – when in fact that had only passed one module. This therefore was not an option we could utilise.

So the next option is that we have the SCO files as separate modules on a single course. This works perfectly – and ensures that a user completes all modules before being able to complete the course.

However, Moodle won’t allow you to restrict access to a course based on a course completion. Moodle will allow you to prevent a course completion based on a course completion (e.g. You can access all of the modules for Part Two of a course if you haven’t completed Part One – you just won’t be able to complete the course).

Whilst in principle this is fine – in the context we are using this (for access to an IT system) – we need to prevent the access to second part until the first part is completed. So – the only solution we have is to put all the different “parts” of the training onto the same course page (as Topics) – and then apply individual access restrictions to each of the SCO modules).

Am I missing something? Or is this really the easiest way to achieve this form of restriction?