Problem #1 – Captivate 6 (and others) – the Tab issue

For most people that use Captivate, you’re probably aware of the issue which has plagued Captivate developers who use the Tab key. If you’re designing a form, or just need to capture an action which requires use of the Tab key – it’s well documented that there are issues where as the user presses the Tab key – the movie loses focus from the object, instead jumping to the play bar, or alternatively to the web address bar.

It is also equally well documented about adding the ‘seamless tabbing’ code into the output template to prevent the focus being lost – and this code ensures that when pressing the Tab key, the focus remains on the movie, and not moving elsewhere.

However, the problem we now have is that we were using the Tab key as a ‘Submit’ action. Example: In the system, the user can leave the TEB blank – but press Tab and the system would populate with the current date/time.

Without the ‘seamless tabbing’ code – this worked fine (as that the Tab key would act as a Submit) – except that it wasn’t consistent (sometimes pressing the Tab key would submit, and others it would lose focus on the movie and highlight the playbar etc.) and move to a new slide which would have a date/time variable to populate the screen. However once we’ve added the ‘seamless tabbing’ code – Tab will no longer work as a ‘Submit’ action (instead it just tabs around any interactive elements on the movie e.g. the navigation buttons. the TEB etc.).

Does anyone know any way of allowing the Tab key to function as a Submit action – but still use the ‘seamless tabbing’ code?

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