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Open Badges for Compliance Reporting

Seeing my Twitter feed fill up with the MoodleMoot16 hashtag today reminded me what a long year it had been. It was a year ago that I was sat in the bar in Dublin drinking a pint (or a few) with Mark AberdourĀ at the 2015 MoodleMoot. Whilst the pints disappeared, […]

Saying goodbye to “my baby” 2

It’s been nine years since I started working in e-learning roles, starting initially with development, the moving more on to the strategy and development. When I started at UHS seven years ago, I came into an organisation which was starting to notice the potential of e-learning, but hadn’t really taken […]

Mulling over Moodle…

Having recorded a podcast with Craig Taylor last week, it provided me with a chance to talk about what we’ve been doing with Moodle, and what we’re trying to do in the next few months. With this all going round in my mind, it proved quite a good time to […]

Who needs a finish line? 3

This seems to be one of those debates that I keep having with people – why does there always need to be a defined end point for e-learning activities? OK….so that question is not correct – for those organisations who have properly adopted a true social learning culture, there is […]

Finding something “new” at #LT15uk

You may or may not have seen my previous post about my hopes for #LT15uk, so having just spent the past two days there, it seems like a good time to reflect on the conference. In the past I’ve always written long blog posts reviewing all the sessions I attended. […]