Nick Lee

Hopes for #LT15uk 1

Many years ago, when Learning Technologies first started out, and was much smaller than it is now, I used to attend quite frequently, but for financial reasons it’s not been possible recently. Now the conference is always a good mix of speakers, many of who I’ve seen before, but I […]


This was meant to be some reflective notes from the conference, but it’s ended up being a mix between a commentary and a selection of notes……with an underlying thought! Firstly – it was really interesting hearing from Chris Munsch about the different ways in which technology had been used to […]

Still life in old tools?

It seems like ages since I wrote a post (and this will be the first of two about today) – and even longer since I sat trying to write a blog post on the train….so it’s quite nice to be rekindling old habits to talk about “old things”. Today was […]